• Chandelier Tree

    Chandelier Tree

    The Chandelier Tree is a piece of magic in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Creator, Adam Tenenbaum has spent the last 6 years collecting chandeliers from yard sales and demolition sites to decorate the tree in his front yard.   Read article


    Chandelier Crafts

    Inspired by the Chandelier Tree video I posted, I started looking around the web for easy chandelier crafts for kids. My favourites are the beautiful paper chandeliers called…


    Dover Colouring Pages

    The Dover colouring books were a staple of my childhood – and they continue to publish interesting, quirky, strange and inspiring colouring books. Sign up for…


    Beatboxing for Kids

    I won’t post this brilliant beatboxing video straight onto Kiddley as the innuendo is PG-13 in the first minute – but if you want to check…


    Electric Car

    They Might Be Giants – Nominated for 2011 Grammy Awards! Video directed by Tiny Inventions. Features vocals by Robin Goldwasser and horn arrangement by Dan “The Machine”…


    How to Make a Worm Farm


    What can we do with all our kitchen vegie scraps? Throw them into a compost bin, of course, but even better we could feed them to a multitude of worms who will produce powerful liquid fertiliser and nutrient-rich castings to spread over the garden. Most kids will really enjoy putting together a worm farm with an adult and watching those wiggly worms settle into their new home and then help break down and recycle kitchen scraps including leftovers from their own plates. There are many styles of worm farm commercially available or you can try your hand at making your own.