Story book art for your kids’ walls


Finding art work for a child’s bedroom wall which is relevant and unique while also managing to appeal to both you and the occupant is a tough task. Storyopolis offers some wonderful solutions. I am particularly fond of this Quentin Blake print from Roald Dahl’s Matilda. But there are so many prints and original pieces of work which match all kinds of tastes and budgets. Browse through the extensive list of artist’s portfolios and find something classic or off-beat and amazing (perhaps a little spooky?) and inspiring.

4 Responses to “Story book art for your kids’ walls”

  1. ness

    Well done! What a wonderful site, thank you for your dedication to making lives with kids more fun and entertaining! This is a fantastic idea! Great topics already, love the organic potato heads!

    Keep up the excellent work, I’ll be back

  2. Janet

    I love love love Storyopolis and it’s one of my favorite places to visit in L.A. The artwork there makes me gasp with joy every time.

  3. Patrick

    We used an old The Little Prince wall Calendar that my wife had and cut the pictures out of it and framed them to hang on our son’s wall. They worked out great.

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