10 activities for young children visiting an art gallery

ngv gallery

The Senior Education Officer at the National Gallery of Victoria has written a fun check list for kids to take with them to the gallery. The idea is that this will encourage littlies to explore and think about the collection. While written up for the NGV here in Australia it could be used in any general collection gallery in the world – the only Australianism I found is the use of the word “bush” which you might need to replace with “forest”, “wilderness”, “woods” etc depending on your part of the world.

also: tips for parents visiting with young children

3 Responses to “10 activities for young children visiting an art gallery”

  1. Teresa

    Loved the list, but they left out my favourite, — bring along a note pad, some pencils and with all that inspiration let them copy/create to their heart’s content, while you browse the room.

  2. madame butterfly

    these tips are great. I’ve printed them out to keep ready for when my little one is ready to go exploring! We are already visiting our local galleries and pointing out birds and animals and colours etc…reminds me I should head into the NGV soon too!, it’s been a long time

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