5 Minute DIY Juggling Balls

I found a great set of instructions for making homemade juggling balls from balloons and rice. Making them took less than 5 minutes and they kept us all entertained for the afternoon, even if our juggling skills didn’t improve dramatically.

A couple of tips if you decide to make some of your own:

  • measure out the rice to ensure that each ball will be the same size and weight.
  • ┬áif the juggling balls will be used by (mostly) small hands, use small balloons rather than big ones.

Here is some instructional video for learning to juggle, and some speculation that kids who juggle get better grades.

7 Responses to “5 Minute DIY Juggling Balls”

  1. kathreen

    these are such fun to make and you can use flour inside them instead of rice, which makes them nice and squishy.

  2. Sean Coates

    I made my first set of juggling balls like this, but like kathreen, I used flour instead of rice.

    I’ve since made some with rice, and another set with sand — the flour ones were the nicest, but it’s really hard to cram flour into the balloons — it also makes a pretty big mess when they break (the rubber eventually breaks down).

    The sand ones were nice and heavy.

    Another option is to drill holes in tennis balls and fill them with sand, then cover the tennis balls with stretched balloons (with the necks cut off). This gives the balls nice weight, a rigid shape and a good feel.


  3. Lazy Cow

    Great idea. Especially as my dog keeps eating our expensive Steiner ones…
    I love this idea for a website. Thanks for doing this.

  4. hannah

    We have made these before, on a youth camp we helped lead, and the kids made a ball, then we began to teach them to juggle. they made more balls as they got proficient with one, two and then three balls. They really enjoyed making them. you can make the balls more spotty by pinching and cutting small holes in the outer balloon, so more of the underneath balloon shows through.

    Love the new blogsite, great idea!!!

  5. Asha

    My son made these in preschool (his preschool teachers were amazingly creative). He’s now in kindergarten and we still play with them.

  6. The Hilger Family Blog

    […] Marcia, check out the exciting and fresh crafts at whipup.net. I like the the coffee cup cozy idea, however, I think a beer bottle/can or pint cozy would be far more exciting and fresh. Also in the craft corner, we’ve got kiddley.com, a new blog covering “every day ideas for you and your kids.” I think Haydn would have a great time tossing around the DIY juggling balls. […]

  7. stacey

    I found your site yesterday, printed out these instructions and put them in my purse. After dinner, my 4 year old said, “I want to do some art.” I got all of the materials together and the three of us (I also have a 2 year old) made three balls in about 5 minutes. It was so easy! And fun!

    I was surprised at how hard they are–I can just see my boys getting a little overzealous with them. I may try flour next!

    This site is awesome! Thank you!

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