Five minute potato people

We had some green potatoes in the cupboard so before throwing them away we thought we would turn them into potato people.

potato people 01

You will need:
A parent or carer to supervise little ones
Washed potatoes
Facial features cut from magazines
Tissue paper or wool for hair
Tooth picks or matchsticks
Pins (sewing pins with round heads are best, but if your littlies are too little just use glue or tape)
Then it’s just a matter of using the pins to attach the buttons and bits of paper and poking in the matchsticks for limbs. Suprisingly entertaining for a very simple activity.

potato people 02

26 Responses to “Five minute potato people”

  1. Paula

    Cute idea however are sewing pins and the small bits a good idea around children?

  2. deborah

    hi there… i really love this new blog and will be book marking it. i don’t have any kiddies of my own, but already i want to grow my own pineapple, read certain books (like bread and jam) out loud and visit an art gallery with my young cousins 🙂

  3. lammarama

    Congratulations on your new site. I love it and will read it as avidly as I ever read loobylu. Good luck!

  4. amy

    I had forgotten all about potato people. As luck would have it, I happen to have a lovely family of potatoes in the pantry just waiting for some personality! Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Sarah

    I really like this site. I am glad that Soule Mama linked to it, or I might have missed it. One comment: I think that the ads are very intrusive. The design is so nice that the google ads distract from the flow of the site and make it look awkward. I know that the whole google ad thing is good for various reasons, but I have never seen it look nice.

  6. Elio

    This is the cutest website on the internet! I wish Kiddley the best!

  7. Kristy

    We love to do this and also we join potatoes together to make animals like horses and camels!

  8. Ali

    Love your new kiddie blog and especially these potato folk.

  9. Claire

    Hi Paula! You are so right. I went to bed after post ing that last night and all I kept thinking was “oh no, I must put ‘Parental supervision a must’ when I get up in the morning”… thanks 🙂

  10. ribbu

    But then it’s impossible to throw those cute little potato people away! Now you’ll have to do a post on avoiding separation anxiety from potato people, or mourning potato people past (passed?).

    Love the site –

  11. shannon

    I ran across Loobylo last night and thought “this is wonderful, i wish there was a web site like this with a focus on fun things to do with kids”. And then to my utter joy and amazement, you made my wish come true! Tomorrow we will be making potato kids and maybe growing a pineapple or two.

    And let me just say a giant THANK YOU for putting out there a parenting web site that rejoices in how fun it is to have kids. I am really tired of hearing about things like “mommy wars” and “grups”. Your web site did exactly what I’m looking for at 10p.m. – make me excited for the new day I will enjoy with my kids tomorrow.

  12. Em

    Hi, thanks for thie website, ithas been dutifully bookmarked and I will check in regularly. Love the potato people, my 4 year old will too! Thanks again 🙂


  13. Gina

    OH those are great. Never seen anything like them! So unique.

  14. shelley

    Congratulations Claire and Big P, this is a wonderful site. Good luck with the new baby and all your marvelous creations!!

    The best of everything to you always.


    Every day ideas for you and your kids…

    This is a blog that every parents ought to know.

    Lots of simple yet funny activities to do with your kids….

  16. kate

    Great Idea! This little craft just entertained my 3 year old for 45 minutes. That’s close to a record.

  17. isabel (4 years old)

    “i love making potato people. i haved this idea to make porcupines. i used lots of tootpicks.”
    -thanks again. my daughter had a great time!!!

  18. ana ventura

    This is so nice! Make me smille! Fantastic idiea. Congratulation for this site! Great work!

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  21. Anna

    Thanks for the inspiration. Kiddley has arrived just in time as I’ve moved back to my aunt and uncles house, with a lively ten-month and nearly three year old cousins to entertain whenever I can.

    With their parents away this weekend, I went to get supplies for the Potato people, but found sponges onsale for a big packet for one pound (living in the UK right now).

    The results were colourful and my little cousin adored making her entire family out of coloured sponges.

    I’ve flickr’d them at

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