Kermit, pop-up cards and kids’ cooking


I have a bit of a thing for Ladysmith Black Mamboza, and here is an MP3 of them singing from a-z, accompanying Kermit the Frog on Sesame Street. For preschoolers and fans of Ladysmith Black Mamboza. (via the wonderful, bookmark-worthy (sm)allages)

make a pop-up card

For some free downloads of simple yet beautiful pop-up cards, try Handmade Papercraft Club’s “Let’s Make a Pop-Up Card!“. While most of the patterns are for sale, there are free downloads in each of the categories (90° pop up cards, 180° pop-up cards and paper mobiles). The instructions on the site are in Japanese, but they are clearly illustrated and simple to follow. For older kids. (via Paper Forest)


And lastly, Emily pointed us to this great kid’s cooking site — Spatulatta, which recently won a prestigious James Beard Foundation award, in the new category of Cooking Webcast. Belle (10) and Olivia (7) and friends present delicious and simple recipes for kids based around various themes and nationalities — plus basic skills, outtakes and some tips for parents.

3 Responses to “Kermit, pop-up cards and kids’ cooking”

  1. Hsien Lei

    My son loves Kermit’s rendition of The Rainbow Connection. Couldn’t get enough of it…again and again and again. 😉

    This site is wonderful. Congratulations and good luck on the impending birth.

  2. ecobabe


    Great idea, beautifully executed, can’t wait to get on with some of the activities and can now sing the ABC song a la Ladysmith Black Mamboza.

    You guys ROCK!

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