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Did you know that Kiddley has a Flickr group? Phil started it up last week after publishing his tips on “Introducing your kids to digital photography” and encouraged people to share photos their kids had taken. We had some great contributions linked to that article.

kiddley on flickr 02

kiddley on flickr 03

kiddley on flickr 07

But we also really love is that others are starting to use the group to share their own projects:

kiddley on flickr 01

Annagone posted images of the sponge family that she and her little cousin made together. And just_anj put up a photo and instructions on how to make your very own shape sorter for a toddler:

kiddley on flickr 06

So please feel free to join the group, post some photos your kids have taken, share a project or start a discussion.

6 Responses to “Kiddley on Flickr”

  1. Andrea

    phew! I don’t check for a couple of days and so many great sites and links – my favourites folder is bulging!! Fabulous site!!

  2. irishmama

    So many ideas for summer vacation, which starts tomorrow. My daughter has already bookmarked this site for herself and checks it daily,

  3. Hsien Lei

    I suspect you’ll get a lot of nostril shots – either the kids’ own or their unwitting victims! lol One of my son’s pics can be found in this post about the Fisher Price cameras.

  4. Anna

    Back for more inspiration with my little cousin standing behind me. She is AMAZED that her sponge people are on the computer, *AND* still sitting beneath her window.

  5. Darcie

    My 3.5 year old son and I had a great time making the sponge people. It was easy, looked great. He ended up making a Robot that had tons of pom poms on it.

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