Biscuit/Cookie Packaging

yarnstorm biscuit box

Thomas, who lives in the Yarnstorm household, spent some time over the weekend making packaging for some delicious looking ginger biscuits. I’m not completely sure if the ginger biscuits are homemade, but knowing Jans’s extensive baking category, I would guess so. We love the idea so much we made a quick tutorial as we think this could be a great gift idea:

You will need:
Delicious homemade or store bought biscuits/cookies
A cardboard box
Paper to cover the box surfaces
Pencils or watercolours
Felt tip pen

Carefully trace the surfaces of the box onto the paper and cut out. Find some ideas from a conventional biscuit box but then, like Thomas, give it an imaginative and personal twist. Develop your own name for the biscuits, logo, list of ingredients, attractive top to the box, and tempting copy. Glue paper to the box sides and package up you biscuits. Easy!

Thanks Jane and Thomas for some inspiration this morning.

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