I Like to Sing – Justine Clarke

I like to sing!

Justine Clarke is one of the regular presenters of Playschool here in Australia, and she’s released a great music CD for kids aged 2-6 called I Like to Sing.

Unlike plenty of collections of children’s music, this album won’t wear thin after you’ve heard it a couple of times. Various songs reveal country, pop, and jazz influences, and the musical arrangements are excellent.

The CD is available at the ABC Shop (linked above), and they’ll even ship orders overseas.

Here are some 30 second samples of 3 of our favorites. Enjoy!

04 Watermelon: [audio:watermelon.mp3]

05 Hop Hippity Hop: [audio:hophippityhop.mp3]

06 It’s Starting To Rain: [audio:startingtorain.mp3]

22 Responses to “I Like to Sing – Justine Clarke”

  1. Suzette

    Bouncy, bouncy bounce!

    I love it, I love it, I really, really do…

    Our two kids LOVE this CD – Yay to Justine!

  2. Becca

    My 2 year old has heard her tune ‘I like to sing” once on TV and has been singing it ever since…

  3. Jo

    We have this for our girls Asha and Lulu and they both looooove it .. The Gumtree Song (??) we were singing along by the second hearing! Fun. 🙂 I love Justine.

  4. Glenn

    More importantly – Where can I get that excellent little audio player widget?!

  5. Rachel

    Glenn, there is no way that the audio player widget is more important than the audio it plays. Especially when it comes to Justine Clarke. My entirely-in-agreement review of “I Like to Sing” is over here.

  6. JoshGlid

    We bought this record yesterday, loaded it into the ‘pod today and my 2y/o loves it! yay for justine! and there’s no branding or tie ins or inanities. More recommendations please.

  7. Tiff

    Yay to Justine, very enterprising…but I must admit when I read that it was the same Justine from Play School I had a bit of a chuckle as she would have to be one of the less vocally accomplished singers on Play School!

  8. Lucinda

    I agree that Justine’s song “I like to sing” is very catchy and now I’ve read these reviews, I’ll get the CD.

    Interesting comment from Tiff because Justine has a reputation as a jazz singer in Sydney.

    At our house we also like Melbourne’s Paul Jamieson (the “Music Man”: http://www.themusicman.com.au/).

  9. Lazy Cow

    I really can’t stand most kids’ music, but the children (5 & 3) and I all adore “For the kids” CD. It has artists such as Cake, Billy Bragg and Wilco and Tom Waits performing original songs, and old favourites like Manamana.

  10. Nicole

    I have to give a huge agreement for the Music Man Paul Jamieson, he has been a BIG hit here for many years!

    I might have to get Justine today, my 3 yr old son always tells me to shhhhhhh when the son comes on, I didn’t realize there was a whole album!

  11. Anna

    This CD arrived this week, care of my mother in Australia who posted it to her little neice in the United Kingdom. Withiin half a day I knew all of the words, and little Elinor demands that her CD her Aunty Rita (Marita) sent her on throughout 80% of our day.

    I can just deal with it, but it is wearing a little thin after four or five days straight.

  12. Kiddley » Blog Archive » Dan Zanes - Night Time!

    […] Night Time! is packaged up like a board book, complete with liner notes and illustrations that pull together the theme of loose and relaxed night time music. My first reaction was that this CD was a little old for AJ (she’s 3.5) and I wasn’t entirely certain about the suitability of lyrics like ‘pay me or go to jail.’ It wasn’t an instant hit with her either in the same way that I Like to Sing was, but after two or three plays the infectious melodies and gentle magic of the songs grabbed both of us, and it’s currently in high rotation both at home and in the car. Night Time! is less of a kids’ album and more of a family album; there are aspects of it that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age. Because of that I suspect it will have a lot of longevity; it’s not likely to be something she grows out of in a year. […]

  13. Sue

    Hi, please does any one have the lyrics to the song I like to sing, or does it come with the cd, i will be purchasing it tomorrow but my little girl loves it so that i would love to know all the words. thanks heaps,

  14. Nicole McDonald

    My 2 yr old absolutely loves this cd as does my preschool class. Yesterday we did an experiment and play with watermelons and we had the watermelon song playing great.

  15. jas

    im only 12 yrs old but i still luv the songs from justine clarke my favorite songs are lets go to the library and watemelon and its starting to rain.i got the cd 4 my 12th birthday!!♪♪

  16. Lyssy

    Is it possible to get the lyrics to the song ‘Watermelon’ I love that song and I don’t want to buy the whole CD or the song, I just want the words.
    Any help would be greatly apreciated

  17. Sonia

    Hi, we have the DVD and although i saw written somewhere for ages 2 to 6, my 6 month old loves it. when i sing him the songs in bed or in the car or just around the house, he smiles and has a giggle. GREAT JOB Justine. Thank you very much. Most kiddy songs are a little old and boring! NOT yours!

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