Banjo the Bear


Banjo is the gorgeous creation of Lynn Roberts who blogs over at Molly Chicken. He comes with his own teddy, blanky, shrinky dink charms, quilt and carry cot.

Banjo 02

He is up for auction on Ebay – the auction ends on the 2nd of June. AJ is luck enough to be the owner of one of Lynn’s toys which arrived last Christmas and we can’t recommend her work enough – her attention to detail, craftsmanship and quirky characters are almost perfect.

4 Responses to “Banjo the Bear”

  1. Andrea

    Claire – I just ADORE this blog – it puts a smile on my face everyday! Thanks so much.

  2. lyn

    Why thank you !
    Just for that, I will HAVE to send you something for your new baba.
    : )

  3. Melanie

    I have Molly Chicken favorited on Flickr. Definitely adorable stuff! I love the fabrics, bright or nostalgic, but modern, etc. Too cool!


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