A button bouquet

button flowers

Aren’t these great? This image is from an old copy of Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion (August / September 2004). Vintage or new plastic buttons twisted on to strands of florist’s wire make a quirky and easy to construct boquet. We managed to pick up a couple of jars of old buttons cheaply in an antique store, though I know you can buy bags of cheap colourful buttons at most habedashery or craft stores (or try ebay) — these don’t have to be anything special, just various colours and various sizes. Here are the basic instructions at PBS Kid’s site. Here are some of my basic instructions for multi-tiered stems with very dodgey photos on a grey day:

You will need:
Pliers (optional – depending on the thickness of your wire)
Mid weight florist wire in 30cm+ lengths (I had to buy several different thicknesses before I found the right kind)
A small glass bottle or vase

button boquet you will need

1. Thread the first button onto the wire, then twist the wire back through a second hole in the button.

button bouquet 01

2. Thread another button on and then twist the wire underneath so that they stay in place.

button boquet 02

3. Add more groupings of buttons and twist underneath each.

button boquet 03

4. Place stems in a vase and arrange!

button boquet 04

23 Responses to “A button bouquet”

  1. deborah

    i’d love to make these for myself with some vintage buttons. would be great for gift decorations too.

  2. Ellen

    I LOVE THESE! I currently live in Japan but this idea is going into the memory bank for when I am teaching again back in Melbourne. What fun. Such colour and beauty from such a simple idea!

  3. madame butterfly

    they are just gorgeous!!! I am going to make some for my desk!!! Too bad kiddies, I think the Mum’s might want to make these for themselves!!! Or better still why don’t you make some for your Mum!

  4. soni

    What a great idea! It have never crossed my mind!

  5. christy

    My friend Mollie made some of these. I will add some shots of them to the kiddley flickr group.

  6. Anna

    This is a fantasic idea. I’m off to source old buttons on ebay now. I love it.

  7. LLA

    such a brillant craft – it’s already bookmarked and schecky and I will start looking for buttons to squirrel away for a rainy day!

    Thank you for this!

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  9. Dawn

    I love these. I made one back when I got the magazine..I have a picture of mine on Flickr in corners of my home pool…
    Thanks for posting it and for the tutorial..they are so much fun to make!!

  10. liz

    I think these are just great. A little kitschy and fun, and not too hard to make. I will definitely be doing them with my day camp kids (ages 8-11) this summer. I am glad I already have the kids collecting old buttons!

  11. honestyrain

    those are adorable!

    i’d also just like to say that i love the new site. what a wonderful idea. best of luck with this lovely project.

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  13. Kristin R

    These are just great! My grandma made a lot of dolls clothing and had a ton of buttons (like a whole coffee can full) and when she passed I couldn’t stand to have them thrown away. I have since then added another ton to them and didn’t know what to do with them until now… The great thing is that if I want to use one for a shirt or a bag or whatever, I still can! Yeah! Thanks for the good idea!

  14. Katy K.

    I instructed moms/daughters at a church Mother-Daughter dinner with this craft. It was a big hit! We wrapped floral tape, beginning just under the flower and spiraling down the stem to the bottom. About 1-2″ below the “flower” we added a silk leaf, catching it in the tape to attach. The tape protects the sharp points at the end for little fingers.

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