Vintage scraps, early reading and making stuff out of recycled junk

collage flickr group

A great flickr group to join if you are looking for printable vintage collage images for scrap-booking or kids projects is Collage Images — with almost 18,000 copyright free images including old ads, photos, greeting cards and scientific drawings. You need to join the group to view the images but it’s a very useful resource. (via artsymama)

Babble, Scribble, Read!
Babble, Scribble, Read! is a Denver Library web project which looks at ways you can encourage your baby, toddler and preschooler to begin to appreciate the experience of reading way before they are actually ready to read and write themselves. The activities and tips are great.

Maker faire

Make presents a video podcast from the recent Maker Faire of young people making new stuff out of recycled materials.
“If you are a teacher or work with small children, you could follow the Make Magazine lead here and call up your local recycling center and get a load of old technology and then let students take it all apart and put it back together in new ways.”

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  1. Pippa

    On the topic of early reading…

    My mother had a secret tactic to get me to enjoy reading, which she admits was never an intentional tactic, just luck.

    At about the age of 6 or 7, while I was tucked up in bed Mum would read me books such as Little House On The Prairie or The Famous Five. Yet it always seemed that when the most exciting thing was about to happen in the story, Mum would get up to go to the bathroom, to make a cup of tea or to look after my baby brother.

    “Now make sure you don’t read ahead, it’s getting very exciting and I don’t want to miss out on what happens.”

    Of course, it would seem like Mum was away from my room for hours and hours. And the book would just be sitting on the bedside table, taunting me.

    “Read me Pippa, you know you want to!”

    So I’d pick the book up and read ahead and would guiltily return it to the table when I heard Mum’s footsteps in the passageway. After I’d admitted to sneaking a read a couple of times, I was allowed to read to myself before bed.

    Soon I was picking up books to find out what happened next at all times of the day, not just bedtime. Reading become such a guilty pleasure that I would frequently wear out the torch batteries as I hid the book under my covers after lights out!

  2. Daisy

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful and entertaining story. I have a five-month-old baby girl and I intend to “borrow” your mom’s tactic to get my baby to read when she’s ready and able- around fie to six years from now! Thanks!

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