The Great American Backyard Campout

great backyard campout

Whilst our blog is published in Australia, just like all blogs we have an international audience and an especially large group of our visitors come from North America. So especially for you, coming up on the 24th of June, is the National Wildlife Association’s second Great American Backyard Campout (via Parent Hacks). You are encouraged to gather your kids and grand-kids and enjoy a night of s’more-making (being an Australian I have no idea how good these are), stargazing and nature-watching right in your own backyard or favorite camping spot. The National Wildlife Federation have most noble intentions. They are keen to get kids to turn off the TV, and to get them “outdoors to experience the wonders of nature.”

The Great American Backyard Campout site has some great resources for getting prepared for your big night out including a detailed packing-list and recipes to try over your campfire.

7 Responses to “The Great American Backyard Campout”

  1. Dawn

    We just bought a chimnea for our back deck so that our grands could make s’mores when they visit!
    Love the site.

  2. mandy

    Smores – graham cracker fire toasted marshmellow piece of chocolate, and another graham cracker on top! Really good, I dont think we have ever had a camp fire without them! I love this website.

  3. kate

    We don’t have graham crackers either. It sounds fun, but I think in these parts it’d be better to wait for warmer weather!

  4. Robert

    I love the idea of backyard camping. We did this a couple times as kids, but I have to confess we used to beg our parents to let us sleep in the car! Silly, I know…but when you lower the back seats of a station wagon, the back perfectly fis two or three sleeping bags.

    And on the subject of smores – they really are an American instiitution. Gooey toated marshmallows, melting chocolate and grahams crackers – heaven! I suppose without graham crackers, bisuit cookies might make a decent substitution

  5. Amy

    If you ever want to try making s’mores, try using digestive biscuits, which are similar to graham crackers. I’m an American living in Melbourne, so I keep an eye out for the Australian equivalents such as these. We have a nice fireplace which we use in the winter, so I’m thinking about making s’mores now! They are really sweet and filling though…I usually only need one!

  6. Frances

    I’m in NZ and we cook s’mores at most outdoor cooking activities for Guides and Scouts. You can use any biscuits, the fine part is toasting (or setting fire to) the marshmallows over the fire. Biscuits with chocolate already on them are good such as chocolate digestives or chocolate slims.

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