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AJ currently doesn’t get much time in front of the computer. When she does, it’s usually to spend some time using TuxPaint or to play games at Disney Playhouse.

Disney Playhouse

Compared to many other sites we’ve looked at, Disney Playhouse has high quality content for kids, especially preschoolers. The games and activities on the site are really well done; almost all of them feature verbal instructions, making it much easier for preshool kids to know how to play the games and navigate around the mini-sites. Most of the featured programs are also shows that we really like, including Charlie and Lola, Bear in the Big Blue House, and The Koala Brothers.

Although the main playhouse page has ads including pop-ups (still pretty crappy in my opinion), the featured sections are all ad free. It’s also fairly easy for kids to unknowingly click on fun-looking links that actually take them to less desirable parts of the disney website. AJ has become pretty adept at knowing which links keep her in the playhouse and which ones don’t, but supervision here can be pretty important.

What other sites would you recommend for preschool age kids?

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  1. kelli ann

    that’s funny– i was thinking of Kiddley just this morning when i sent a birthday card from TVO kids!
    this site is chock-full of fun stuff. i’m sure i haven’t seen 10% of it all. (i just discovered the construction-site cam today!) my favourite: ‘sounds like fun’ in the ‘peep and the big wide world’ section, under “preschool games.” –cheers!

  2. Hsien Lei

    The problem I see with many of these sites is that they require users to have broadband. For people on dialp-up, there are few alternatives except to buy PC-ROM games. It took me hours to download TuxPaint, for example. 🙁

  3. paula

    My daughter loves the disney website, we also use the pbs one too.

  4. Jayme

    Kindersite offers searchable activities for children up to age 6 or so. You can search by category. Most of their activities are linked to outside sites such as disney, pbs, bbc, etc. All very kid friendly. The site is widely used by early childhood schools.

  5. emira

    We’re fans of the CBC Kids website at our house (CBC being the Canadian public broadcaster). Not sure how it would fare for smaller ones, but in particular my 9yr old step daughter likes Sushi Samurai (and I must admit we’ve played a few levels ourselves).

  6. Debbie

    My preschooler and first-grader LOVE — lots of FUN, high-quality games and activities that teach reading, and tons of free printables as well. Many schools use this sight — it’s fantastic!

  7. Penni

    It’s not actually interactive, but our whole family loves this. Little boys with digger fascination will especially like it, beautiful one for boys and their dads.

    We’ve found Elmo’s keyboard-o-rama on the sesame street site is the best for our three year old to play by herself, otherwise she needs help using the mouse function on my ibook.

  8. Ian Chia has absolutely tons of great Flash and Shockwave based games for preschool and lower primary kids (my two girls love it.) If you go there, they launch the site in a popup window, which can be annoying if little fingers miss the mouse and jump off the window. I bookmark the direct URL to the page inside the popup, and use that instead:

    Dora the explorer games, Blue’s Clues and heaps more. Highly recommended.


    – Ian

  9. wookie

    I find this much easier to swallow than the more popular tv channel sites, and my daughter has gotten a lot more milage out of this than any other site.

    Most of the more recent games are specifically preschool targeted, with pre-reading and pre-math skills (sequencing, letter/number recogntiion, grouping, etc.). The other sites seem to have more entertainment games than ones targeting building certain skills or concepts.

    There is, however, a lot of older content on the site from when the internet was in a pre-flash era… but still plenty of useful stuff. I am, however, a little tired of having to “Grovercise!” every day.

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