Beaded spoon, Vincent goes to the supermarket, kids in the garden and comfort food

Bead spoon

If you are looking for a gift for a new baby a personalised spoon from Beaded Things might be just the thing. “Hand sculpted wire transforms this spoon into a one of a kind gift… this 5.5 inch stainless steel spoon is both functional and a true keepsake… Your choice of any 8 letters.”

Vincent on flickr

Fun things to do with your little kid in the supermarket – take his photo over and again and then make a flickr set! These photos of a little boy named Vincent are wonderful. (via Swissmiss)

Healthy Kids gardening (home of multiple pop-up ads — just to warn you) has a slide show which will give you some tips for ways to get your kids into the garden and involved and enthused about gardening.

Comfort Mac

It’s moving into a chilly winter here and we are fighting off colds and ear infections and all sort of other nasties. I am craving comfort food — has a page of Comfort Banquet recipes which I have just printed out ready to stick in my recipe book. Columnist Joe LoCicero includes Creamy Southern Style Mac & Cheese (above) and Green Bean Casserole – the Chocolate River Pie also looks pretty delicious. Yesterday I made this delicious Recuperation Soup from Esurientes which was easy and really delicious.

3 Responses to “Beaded spoon, Vincent goes to the supermarket, kids in the garden and comfort food”

  1. deborah

    love the baby spoon… i am going to put an order in for two spoons for some additions to the family.

  2. Hsien Lei

    The spoon is adorable but I’d worry about the beads coming loose and becoming a choking hazard. Perhaps not one for little hands to use on their own?

  3. Phil

    The beads are actually attached with a single piece of thick wire that’s wound around the spoon many many times and firmly attached at both ends. I think you’d need to be very keen and also have a pair of pliers on hand in order to get the beads off.

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