Build a world in a box

Natascha Rosenberg recently published photographs of her beautiful “world in a box” – a scene from Little Red Riding Hood depicted in 3d collage using fabric scraps, hand painted fabric and illustrations on card.

natascha rosenberg's world in a box

Cat Morley (who incidentally has an extensive collection of DIY projects on her site) has used a similar (if not the very same window box frame from IKEA) and came up with this:
Cat Morely's world in a box

She includes step-by-step photos and instructions for recreating this little scene, which is a great way of setting up a small, one room doll house.

Way back in 2004 when AJ was 18 months old, she and I made our own world in a box — which is a little different to the ones above but it took care of a rainy afternoon and we had a lot of fun.

Amelia's Diorama

All you need is an old cardboard box, scissors, some magazines, loads of sticky tape, glue, felt tip pens and some heavy parental guidance.

8 Responses to “Build a world in a box”

  1. kelli ann

    i think your tagline should be ‘kicking MS Kids’ butt.’ like kiddley very much.

  2. madame butterfly

    these are beautiful, I remember my Mum drawing a simple room on a page, just a 3D box and then together we would cut up junk mail and magazines and create gorgeous rooms.I think it’s what started my love of making collage and probably decorating my house too!

  3. gkgirl

    oh my goodness…
    how is that i have never seen
    these two sites before!
    i was literally on the edge
    of my seat trying not to clap
    my hands as i tried to get them
    bookmarked and bounce at the same

    what i meant to say
    is thanks for posting these

  4. Gardite

    Hey I think that’s a great Idea but what about something for a 2 year old??

  5. Toochmerli

    Wow! What a cool project to while-away and enjoy the summer with. Living in 100+ degree
    Texas, fun FROM the sun is exactly what I’m looking for (this might just lure away my 7 year old from the Nintendo DS!) Thank you so much.

  6. kate

    I used to love making these, they are a great creative play idea for kids. Another fun option is to make an underwater scene with hanging fish, shells and blue cello phane at the front.

  7. Hsien Lei

    I think we used to call these panoramas in grade school and made them for book reports. Fun memories. 🙂

  8. mia

    it is like the lauren child book, ‘the princess and the pea.’ every illustration was done with little models in a tiny 3d world.

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