Grow an avocado tree from a seed


Kiddley reader Alexandra wrote in with this marvelous suggestion:

“The pineapple post reminded me of something that I did for the birth of my niece. I gave my sister an avocado in a shot glass with water on the day that Rachelle was born and it has been growing steadily ever since. It’s particularly easy and will let the little ones watch the tree grow, plus eventually – yummy guacamole! (Though probably not for the impatient folks)…it can sprout any time from 2-6 weeks, depending on the seed. I recommend trying a few just in case one is a dud, which can happen. Once it grows to about 12 inches, you should transfer it to potted soil and then you can plant it in the ground in the spring. Oh and be sure to keep it in the sun. They will grow in the shade, but they thrive in the sunlight.”

Some other avocado growing resources:

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Stay tuned to further updates to see our avocado seed project bloom.

7 Responses to “Grow an avocado tree from a seed”

  1. kerry

    note that avocado trees are male or female and need the opposite sex to produce fruit. kinda like us… huh!

  2. Zee

    Lovely blog. Nice idea! I am linking you. I love avocado drinks. I mix avocado, condensed milk and regular milk in a blender…I could drink the whole thing alone, but my kids love it too. It’s creamy and you can add more milk if gets too sweet.

  3. Hsien Lei

    It’s also a good idea to pinch off some of the growth so that it doesn’t become one big long stalk with just a couple of leaves. That was my mistake last time and boy, was my avocado “tree” gangly looking.

  4. Chacha

    HI, this may seem like a strange question but what end of the avocado pit goes in the water or does it even matter? I have tried with a few and nothing happened after 4 weeks.

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