Kiddley appoints new member of editorial staff

On Sunday evening the Kiddley crew got a new arrival, a beautiful 7 pound 4 ounce baby girl named Lillian Jan. LJ’s Kiddley activities will be drool-related for quite a while, but eventually she’ll become an associate activity tester.

Thanks to everyone for the best wishes you’ve sent along, both here and on Claire’s site. Kiddley’s normal programming will resume today.

13 Responses to “Kiddley appoints new member of editorial staff”

  1. Ellen

    The loobylu comments must be an all time record. I feel I need to add my congratulations over here too. Congrats to the whole family. Is that beautiful baby room finished?

  2. lammarama

    Happy news indeed. Congratulations from us!

  3. swissmiss

    Hoooray! Welcome Lilian Jan! You’re in for so much fun activities with your parents – well done! My little Ella (8 weeks) is sending a virtual-blog-high-five to Lilian!

  4. Ileen McErlean

    Will the new staff memeber have her own desk? :)…Well at least we will have personal testing on all baby related news….I just wanted to say…WELCOME Lillian…many blessings little one

  5. megan

    Wow! Finally! Congratulations to all! Such a lovely inspirational family!!!

  6. Amy

    YAY! I’m so glad she finally made her appearance! I’m sure you three are glad to meet her too. Lovely name, by the way.

  7. adymommy

    Congrats on the baby. I had read it about it on Blogging Baby yesterday. I look forward to the “drool-related activities” 🙂

  8. Alisa

    Yes, wow on the comments at loobylu! I hope Kiddley isn’t feeling jealous. Congratulations. I’m so glad to hear all went well. 42 weeks can make you nervous. Have a good quiet first month. It’s the best time of all.

  9. Eren

    Welcome little Lillian!!!! Cant wait to see your sweet face soon!

  10. Hsien Lei

    I’ll say congratulations to you here so it won’t get lost at Loobylu. 😉

    Hope your days are filled with happiness!

  11. iheartpaper

    CONGRATULATIONS!! What wonderful news. Wishing you the best and looking forward to reading more from Kiddley!

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