Ralph’s World

Ralph's World

Ralph’s World is the debut CD from Chicago musician Ralph Covert. Like the other kids CDs we love at Kiddley HQ, this one features a great collection (18 in all) of fun and memorable songs. Ralph’s original songs are supplemented by a few standout covers, including “Take a Little Nap (the disco song)”, an age-appropriate version of Get Down Tonight, and “Winnie the Pooh/The Wonderful thing about tiggers”. Many of the tracks feature kids singing along in supporting roles, which always seems to make music more enjoyable for AJ.

You can listen to the first four tracks in their entirety on the australian Ralph’s World site. Here are a couple of our other favorites:

09 The Name Song: [audio:9_Ralphs_World_Name_Song.mp3]

15 Drivin in My Car: [audio:15_Ralphs_World_Drivin.mp3]

14 Responses to “Ralph’s World”

  1. Wendi Gratz

    A couple of our favorite children’s CDs are John Lithgow’s Singin’ in the Bathtub (great big band arrangements and very fun to sing along) and No! by They Might Be Giants.

  2. Anne Margaret

    Holy cow! I think I can sing every lyric of that album. Really fun for adults as well as their kids. Ralph has a slew of albums – our favorites are the Lemonade song (Lem-o-nade, in the shade. Everyone loves lem-o-nade…) and the one with the Swim song. He really doesn’t have any bad albums (except amybe the gorilla one) so feel free to branch out a pick up a couple. Much fun!

  3. kelly

    along with Dan Zanes and They Might be Giants, Ralph’s World is a favorite around here… Brynne especially loves the Happy Lemons cd.

  4. anna

    We have had the 1st cd since it came out and my children absolutely love it. It also isn’t so little kiddish that it drives us crazy to hear it over and over.

  5. Karina

    Ralph’s World is great! His first CD is especially good for the 1-2 year old set, but check out his later CDs, too. Amazing Adventures of Kid Astro is my favorite. And since we have a little ‘Fiona’, we love that several songs have a ‘Fiona’ in them (Ralph’s daughter!)

  6. shelly

    ralph is great! as a nanny, i’ve introduced kids to all his cd’s. and he’s great live as well!

    his music is the kind i don’t mind listening to over and over and over and over!

  7. amy

    we also love ralph. suits our 2 year old as well as our 5 year old, which is great. our other favourites are the they might be giants ‘no!’ and ‘here comes the ABCs’ for the 5 year old. and the compilations ‘for the kids’ and ‘for the kids too!’- real bands doing songs for kids. justine clarke’s cd is also a hit with our little one and it has some good family tracks.
    i heard dan zanes is doing a melbourne gig soon..

  8. nikole

    i haven’t heard the ralph’s world album, but here in kansas city, we do have a favorite kid’s group who plays locally at pizza shops and birthday parties. you can check them out at http://www.thedoodads.com i shall check out ralph’s world. i’m always in the market for more kid and adult friendly music. thanks!

  9. mcb

    I went to the site and now I have the Freddy Bear / teddy bear song completely stuck in my head! Can you buy the cd in the stores or only online?

  10. Phil

    Hi mcb, I’m pretty sure you can buy the cd in stores as well as online. I had that song stuck in my head for ages as well. 🙂

    If you like we can get in touch with the distributor and find out which shops carry Ralph’s World.

  11. bellablue

    Haven’t yet heard the CD but had to say that Giselle Potter (who did the cover art) is one of my favorites!!

  12. mcb

    Thanks Phil.
    I will look around. Let me know if you come across it (I’m in Melbourne too I should probably add…)

  13. Mrs. Flinger

    OH! We just got that CD. I just love it so much!! Thanks for telling everyone about it. It’s just wonderful.

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