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kids craft weekly

Kids Craft Weekly is the best new thing out of the Blue Mountains. Amber takes a fun theme every week and explores a whole bunch of fun craft ideas to keep your toddlers and preschoolers fully entertained. She will send it to you all bundled up in a super cute email newsletter which arrives in your inbox at the start of every week. This week it’s all about pirates but explore the archives to discover a world of bees, mice and the night sky. Some great resources she has also collected together include tips for crafting with kids, the essential useful box, 12 simple, no fuss craft ideas and simple and absorbing activities for young children. We are big fans and are sure you will be too.

4 Responses to “Kids Craft Weekly newsletter”

  1. Lily

    Oooh what a great idea. I’ve passed the link onto my husband who is now a stay at home dad with our just-one year old daughter. He will appreciate all the good ideas!

  2. Rachel

    I signed up for the newsletter! I am always looking for new things to do with my 3 year old daughter who could really care less about toys and loves to do other things like color, read, put things together. I think crafts are a great way to keep your child entertained and have the freedom to do what they want and make a fun mess out of fun stuff. I printed “The Essential Useful Box” as a guideline of things to start an Art Box for my daughter. This is truly a great way for my daughter to be creative and have fun! Thanks!!

  3. joy morykon

    Such great ideas. I love this website! thanks so much for taking the time to share the great ideas that you find. I’m so excited about crafting with my daughter. (she is due in Nov so it will be a while still b4 we are able to make stuff together but i’m so excited!)

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