Kids’ music podcast

spare the rockHannah of Gentlytiptoe pointed us to Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child – a kids’ music podcast just waiting for you to subscribe and enjoy. Each week it features oodles of good tunes including many, many Kiddley household favourites. The show is “Based on the radical notion that music for kids shouldn’t want to make parents gouge out their ears”.

This week’s show includes the brilliant track “Pick up The Toys” by ScribbleMonster & His Pals – the goal of which is to get kids to clean up their room before the end of the song, all the while getting faster and more frenetic. Crazy fun.

9 Responses to “Kids’ music podcast”

  1. Brynne

    Thanks for that link — I’m always having to tell myself that I don’t need to buy so much kids’ music but there’s really no other way to hear it. Hooray for podcasts! Hooray for Kiddley for finding them!

  2. weirdbunny

    I’m so glad Hannah of told you about this podcast, it’s so cool isn’t it.

  3. hannah

    I’m glad you liked the podcast as much as we do, I knew it would be something that would interest other kiddley readers too. glad you put it up on here

  4. Amber

    This is very cool. Thank you for the information and link. I’m always on the lookout for “music for kids shouldn’t want to make parents gouge out their ears”. XMKids does a pretty decent job.

  5. Marne

    Thank you so much for sharing this link. My iPod contains a playlist just for my 20 month old. I can turn it on in the car and she stays content (for the most part), especially on some of those long car trips. Now she will have even more music to toddler boogie her heart out to.

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