Kids in the Kitchen

kids in the kitchen

Kids in the Kitchen is a brand new title from the test kitchens of the Australian Women’s Weekly – which proudly purports to triple test all its recipes and has a fabulous reputation for producing trustworthy, no-nonsense food for ordinary homes for decades. The book is filled with immediately appealing recipes and tips designed for (older) kids to be able to navigate their way through single handedly.

AJ, who is way too young to read, let alone cook anything single handedly, very eagerly sat down at the kitchen table with this book and flicked through the pages with her handy stack of Post-it bookmarks finding oodles of things that she wanted me to help her create. It’s not surprising really, in a book of 175 pages, the sweet things start at page 96. The “Dessert” chapter is closely followed by the “Baking” chapter, followed by “Sweet Treats” and then lastly “Special Occasions” which includes an amazing looking Chocolate easter cake which AJ has marked with three bookmarks incase I miss it. The mouth watering photo shows a dense chocolate cake covered in thick chocolate icing, decorated generously with little chocolate eggs.

The book has lovely photography, clear, uncomplicated instructions and easy to gather ingredients. I am sure most kids will be able to find something here to entice them into the kitchen. This is not a great book for teaching kids about the joys of healthy eating (even the seemingly nutritious chicken noodle soup requires a sachet of chicken flavour), but one which can perhaps be brought out on one of those desperate rainy afternoons that seem to go on and on forever. While I endeavour to keep our waist-lines and sugar levels in check, I will continue to plot and plan for an occasion which requires white chocolate and honeycomb mousse, coconut truffles or the blackberry souffles.

Kids in the Kitchen is available online (including to international destinations) here, but seems to be available in most bookshops and large newsagents here in Australia.

** As a side note, I had a quick flick through the older AWW book Kids Cooking in the supermarket this morning and found that many of the recipes (and the accompanying photos) found in it have been republished in this newer book so tread carefully if you are thinking about purchasing this new one, and already own the older one.