Paper Airplanes

paper planes

Kiddley reader Aoife wrote in to let us know that she’s having a great time making some of the paper airplane designs found at with her son. We checked it out along with a few other sites with paper plane designs and had a great time yesterday making and flying them. The wonderful thing about making paper airplanes is that they aren’t limited to a specific age bracket. Younger children can have a ball flying planes made by parents or older siblings, and older kids (and adults) can move on to more complex designs and learn about the mechanics of flights through experimentation. You can see by AJ’s plane design at the lower right that there is plenty of room for interpretation; it doesn’t get in the way of having fun.

Folding and flying the planes is also really only the start as far as activites are concerned; folded planes can be decorated with stickers and felt tip pens, and it’s also fun to use patterned paper for your planes or to decorate your planes before they’re folded.

If the patterns available on the web aren’t enough for you, Amazon also has a huge number of books available on paper planes; we can’t recommend any of them specifically, so let the reader reviews and ratings be your guide, or if you’ve found one that’s particularly good, let us know in the comments.

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  1. Dave: Two Boobs and a Baby

    Just found your site from I love it! Our son is only 10 months, and our daughter will be born October 9. Please keep up the great work…it won’t be too long before we start using your ideas to play with our kids.

    Two Boobs and a Baby: a comedy parenting podcast.

  2. Alex

    Hey thanks for the inclusion, am really glad you love the website. I am always looking for ways to make it better so any suggestions would be awesome.

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