Lunch box ideas – Part one

Kiddley reader Krista suggested a post on school lunches so here we go with part one!

lunch box 01

Here in Australia we are heading into our September Holidays – which means I don’t have to run around like crazy packing a balanced school lunch before Kinder for the next few weeks. Hooray! But the first of September saw the launch of the Australian lunchbox website and online store LunchMatters, which has me leaping with excitement. Not only do they provide some wonderful lunchbox menu ideas, but they are selling Laptop Lunchboxes here without the ridiculous shipping costs. We bought a set from overseas a little while ago and are really impressed with it. Even when we are having lunch at home it makes eating fun for a pre-schooler.

So now I am thinking about lunchbox ideas again which is nice and timely for the beginning of the school year in other parts of the world.

For inspiration, you can’t go past the Vegan Lunch Box archives. Jennifer Schmoo is no longer making up daily school lunches but there is still plenty of interesting information on her site especially for vegan readers. Recently she has unearthed Bento TV – a quirky video podcast of daily lunch ideas that we are loving, and Dr Fuhrman’s “Packing A Lunch For School” and vegetarian lunch ideas from VegCooking.

Some flickr groups of interest – Laptop Lunchbox and Bento Boxes will keep your mouth watering. has a great interactive lunchbox. Drag and drop some typical lunchbox snacks and see how much sugar, fat and salt your kids are consuming.

** LunchMatters is kindly offering Kiddley readers from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region a special treat with every order for the month of September (2006). Just mention “Kiddley” in the message section at the end of the ordering process and you will receive a little gift (such as a cookie cutter, extra containers, forks, spoons and so on) with your parcel. Be sure to mention whether you are shopping for a girl, boy or adult so that you will get an appropriate gift. Thanks LunchMatters! **

10 Responses to “Lunch box ideas – Part one”

  1. Dawna

    love the ideas with the laptop lunchboxes, but when i went to investigate one for myself and my kid, i discovered that they are pretty ridiculously expensive, and i live here in the states. you have a great website, but sometimes i wish you could feature some products that are a little more realistic for the most of us. i am not flat broke all the time, but i’ll not pay $100 for a lunch box either. thanks for listening, dawna

  2. Claire

    Hi Dawna. I was actually referring to the cheaper version (the one without the designer fabric bag, thermos flask and stainless steel drink bottle) which is USD $33.99. I think the $100 version is actually pitched at adults.

  3. LisaBeth

    I think that the $100 is more for adults as well however I noticed that if you look at the items sold individually you can get the laptop lunch bag (with containers) for just under $20 which I think is reasonable considering how much you would spend on a basic lunch sack and then all the plastic containers or throw away bags and whatnot that would go into it. This seems like a much better deal in the long run AND some stores around the county carry them so you could save the shipping charges too which is always a bonus. Thanks for showing us such a great option!

  4. Christina Shaver

    If you go to BentoTv and click on the link to their products you could find a similar, compartmentalized (whoa, is that a word?) lunchbox.

    By the way, thanks for sharing the BentoTV site. It rocks!

  5. jennifer

    I too was especially excited by this article! I visited every site and will probably order the laptop lunch set. It is just $20 US. (The afore mentioned $100 is for a big kit that has several unnessessary albeit exciting things.) When you view “all products” on the laptop lunchbox site, you can see the individual prices. You can get 2 sets for under $40! I am excited and the healthy food is so visually appealing!

  6. Kat

    Hi, great idea! I hear how hard it is to get kids to eat a variety of good foods these days. I’m sure by packaging the lunch in a more visually appealing way will help! Another good site for fun and yummy recipes for kids is, in the kids section! I loved her mag for Kids but unfortunately it was discontinued : (

  7. Rebecca

    Hi Claire
    Thanks for that…have just gone through and ordered 2 boxes for my school kids
    Can’t believe how excited i am about a lunch box!!
    Re: the cost…think of how money will be saved over the years less all the packaging…not to mention the environment!
    thanks again

  8. amy

    hi claire
    i was just wondering if the food got messy in the laptop lunch box. it looks as if the photos are all taken before it is in the kinder bag, put in the boot of the car and jiggled on the back of an excited kid on the way to the locker.
    i love the look of the lunchboxes but can’t imagine it looks the same by the time it is to be eaten.
    just checking before i outlay the money.

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