Be a tourist in your own city


Most bigger towns and cities have tourist buses or guided walking tours. Book one in for your family or find a brochure of walks from your local tourism office for a fun day out. You never know what you might uncover in a town you think you know well. When AJ and LJ get older and less prone to nightmares (we may have to wait until they are 20 or so!), Melbourne has a particularly spooky sounding evening ghost tour through the historic backstreets and buildings in our city… I can imagine lots of fun to be had especially if it was followed by a dessert or a stack of pancakes at a cafe.

Finding something to do can be as simple as typing the name of your town and then “tourism” into google and see what you can find.

Some other ghost tours in Australia.

Find something new to do in your city by “exploring the world” at Lonely Planet.

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  1. Penni

    for melbourners, has tours and heaps of links for what’s on about town, as well as links to markets etc.

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