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We have an ever growing pile of stuff at Kiddley HQ sitting in a box whistfully referred to as the ‘destined for eBay box.’ The chance of any of the items in it turning up on eBay is very slim, mostly because it seems like too much work to actually list them. One of the things in there is a Nintendo 64 and a pile of game cartridges which we recently hauled out of the box and hooked up to the television. The controllers were a bit tricky for AJ to get the hang of, but slightly older kids shouldn’t have any problems. We spent an afternoon playing Yoshi’s Story, which is a great game for younger kids, and checking out some of the other games, like Mario 64.

Yoshi's story

Claire also recently unearthed some terrific Nintendo Game & Watch handheld games from the 80s. Amazingly, they still worked with their original batteries.

Mario Bros

Although they seem primitive compared to modern game systems, there’s also something really charming about ‘antique’ game systems and consoles, and they have terrific novelty value that will appeal to kids. We’ll be unearthing these gems again when the kids are a bit older and can get more out of them. If you haven’t already sold them on eBay, you may want to hunt down and dust off your old and neglected games and give them another whirl; you might discover some new old family favorites.

5 Responses to “Retro Gaming”

  1. amy

    My husband still has a truckload of his original Intellivision stuff he’s been saving for our guys to play with and everytime he pulls it out you can hear the crickets chirping and then our five year old saying, “okay, but after this can we play PS2?”

  2. Siobhan

    My boys (8 & 6) love my old Donkey Kong – twin screen & Mickey mouse game, which Santa brought for their Mum many years ago. They are at Gran’s house & come out at every visit!

  3. radmama

    We were so thrilled to find my boyfriend’s NES at his mum’s. [Mine died about a decade ago.] Sadly, it doesn’t seem to work, but it makes a lovely antenna holder for the tv.

    THe Namco plug-in-to-your-tv games are a big hit with my kidlets. Seems that pacman is quite satisfying, even in the 21st century!

  4. Penni

    Oh Fred would love a little handheld game circa 1985. Must look out for one. We don’t own any kind of console and don’t really plan to, but she does like having a go on the games on

  5. Sam

    We have a Nintendo 64.. and Yoshi’s Story.. and countless others. I love them all. Ours could never go to ebay; we still play them constantly. 🙂

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