Homework supply kit

Homework supply kit

It’s time to knuckle down again and get those assignments knocked over as they start to roll in. I know that large amounts of precious homework time can be wasted or diverted into collecting together the right supplies to start work. Instead, have a medium sized plastic box with a lid (maybe even one on wheels to be rolled away under a table), or drawer set aside which is full of supplies reserved exclusively for homework time.

You will want to include the basics such as lined paper, blank, scissors, pencils, pens, a ruler, sticky tape, graph paper, glue, erasers and a pencil sharpener.

And you could add to this a dictionary, a thesaurus, an atlas, a calculator, highlighter pens, sticky notes, a hole punch, coloured markers and pencils, a stapler, etc.

Younger homeworkers might also need those extra special things for assignments such as glitter-glue, stickers, poster paint, brushes and coloured paper and cardboard.

Perhaps you could go shopping for these special supplies together so that the stationery feels extra special – and remember,the rules are that the contents are for homework time only!

4 Responses to “Homework supply kit”

  1. carol

    LOVE this suggestion! I already do this and it has really helped decrease the chaos factor.

  2. emira

    This is a simple, but great idea. With us only having my step-daughter two days a week, it seems every week we do the same searching for the homework essentials: a red pen, a sharp pencil, eraser and ruler seem to be the weekly requirements plus occassional extras. We try to keep them all handy but as lazy adults living alone all week we tend to use them and not put them back. This weekend we will definitely build a homework box.

  3. Rebecca

    Thank-you! It sometimes takes my son 1/2 an hour before he even starts his homework rounding up all the gear..
    An excellent idea we’ll definately give a go!

  4. Roseanna

    I did this sort of thing a few years ago for my grandchildren. They each received a rolling cart filled with all kinds of art and work supplies. I started collecting various goodies for several months.
    I also made them little glitter Christmas houses, complete with bottle brush trees and tiny wreaths. To wrap this large present I cam up with this idea. I bought some inexpensive batting from JoAnn’s (with a coupon of course) and wrapped it around each cart. It looked like snow, so adding a little fiberfill on top I created a winter snow scene using the little houses and accessories! They loved the carts and use them still.

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