Make a comic in 24 hours

24 Hour Comic Day

October 7th is 24 Hour Comic Day for 2006.

“What is 24 Hour Comics Day?
It’s an international celebration of comics creation. Cartoonists all over take the challenge of trying to create a 24 page comic story in 24 straight hours. Many gather at special events in comic book shops, schools, and other locations.No sketches, designs, plot summaries or any other kind of direct preparation can precede the 24 hour period. Indirect preparation such as assembling tools, reference materials, food, music etc. is fine.

Your pages can be any size, any material. Carve ’em in stone; print ’em with rubber stamps; draw ’em on your kitchen walls with a magic marker. Anything.”

Making a 24 page comic book in 24 hours is a challenge for even the most seasoned of comic book artists, but even so, I can imagine there might be some keen kids out there ready to rise to the challenge. If your household does manage to produce a comic on 24 Hour Comic Day we would love to see them so please post any scans or photos to the Kiddley Flickr group!