Make big bubbles

Blowing bubbles is fun regardless of your age. I wanted to test the theory that making huge bubbles is even more fun than making little ones. Using some water system tubing and connectors, I constructed a simple round frame for launching large bubbles.

Bubble Making Supplies

This was really just an excuse to go to the hardware store. You could easily make a frame out of a wire coathanger or other material you have around the house. Here’s the finished frame; it has two handles and fits snuggly inside of a pizza tray.


The next step is to make up a batch of bubble mixture. We mixed one part dishwashing detergent with five parts water and added some glycerin because it’s meant to give the bubbles greater stability and longevity. Getting the bubble mixture right is actually the hardest part of the activity, so be prepared to experiment with different detergent brands and ratios. Leaving the bubble mixture to sit overnight can also make a difference.

The last step is to fill up a suitably large tray with the bubble mixture (we used one of our pizza trays) and have fun! Older kids can probably do this activity from scratch, making a frame and the mixture, while younger ones will have plenty of fun just making bubbles or watching.

Here’s some video of us testing it out!

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