Announcing “Kiddley Photo Theme”

bike wheel

With an enormous hat tip to Photo Friday, this week we are beginning a new group project for kids. At the beginning of each weekend we will announce a new theme which becomes you child’s photo assignment for the week. Encourage theme to take photos with the theme in mind and then upload them to the Kiddley Flickr group.

This week’s theme is “Circles”.
Jack’s muddy bike wheel (above) is a great example.

Check out Phil’s Introducing your child to digital photography for some tips and ideas.

We are looking forward to seeing your contributions!

3 Responses to “Announcing “Kiddley Photo Theme””

  1. KJ

    The only kid currently in my life is my one year old niece, who is too young for most projects, but I love Kiddley anyway and can’t wait until she is old enough to do some of these things!

    The photo project is such a lovely idea!


  2. Ellen

    I am a big big fn of Flickr and I have just come back to teaching in Victoria. I am excited about the prospect of introducing my students to photography as a form of expression and a way to tell stories. I am sad to tell you that I can’t use Flickr through the school Internet access. I nderstand why (there is porn out there and even in Flickr)… Don’t worry though, I am thinking of new ways to share.
    Love your project though and great to see that Kiddly Flickr is still active!

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