Shrunken heads for halloween

apple heads 01
Kiddley reader Stacey suggested a fun halloween activity which I remember doing as a kid – Shrunken apple heads, which are incredibly simple and fun to do. The photo above is of some apples I carved this morning. It will take a couple of weeks before they dry out and shrink and reach their seriously spooky potential when they will be the perfect halloween decoration.

You will need:
A large apple
Lemon juice
2 cloves
Other decorative bits such as cotton wool or yarn for hair or a few grains of rice for teeth.
Apple peeler
Small knife

Mix a teaspoon or two of salt into half a cup of lemon juice. Peel the apple and wipe or brush on a layer of the lemon juice and salt mixture which will stop the apple from going brown.

Carve a face into the apple using the small knife. Carve out big features such as the eyes, a nose, a mouth, ears and so on. Push the cloves into the eye sockets, and place some rice grains in the mouth as teeth.

Leave the head to dry in a place where it’s warm and dry for a week or two. You can mould the heads a little by pushing them around as they dry.

Once they are dry you might want to glue on some cotton wool or yarn as hair. I think I might try to turn mine into a pirate with an eye patch, bandana around it’s head and a gold earring.

When you have your finished shrunken apple head it will look fabulously spooky displayed on a halloween party table, or perhaps you could display a group of them along a mantel amongst candles and other spooky paraphernalia.

I will post photos of my shrunken heads in a week or two. I’m not sure if I put enough salt in my solution. Let’s hope they don’t go mouldy in the meantime!

4 Responses to “Shrunken heads for halloween”

  1. Lady S

    We made apple head dolls when I was in Third Grade. I remember dipping them in vingear.

    I love that y’all spell the word mould and we spell it mold.

  2. Angela

    We did these in the oven on VERY low heat. When I was a kid, believe it or not, my mother had an old fisherman and woman – apple heads stuck on dressed bodies. They were popular as ornaments in rural Eastern Canada (Nova Scotia, PEI) in the late ’70’s!!!! I was TERRIFIED of them! lol

  3. Veronique

    My sister-in-law just sent me an e-mail saying I HAVE to do this project and then blog about it. Too funny to see your post right after her message. 🙂
    She said they’d done this at her sons’ school and the shrunken heads were incredible. They’d stuck the carved apples up on sticks they’d found in the school-yard & left them outside to dry.

  4. Kel

    You never posted the photos. I’ve just made a couple and they’ve gon mouldy damn it. is there a chance I can just wipe it off and keep going, obviously they weren’t in a dry enough place.

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