Patching a teddy bear

Christina Gordon Print

Speaking of teddy bears, if you have a child who has an old soft toy which has been loved literally to pieces, I recommend reading this post over at Rainbowcake about patching an old bear. Sage advice and a very touching post.

For another idea on how to patch a soft toy have a look at how Sarah from Material Obsession saved some very loved rabbits.

The above image reproduced with the kind permission of Christina Gordon whose one-off prints rock my socks.

3 Responses to “Patching a teddy bear”

  1. Marianna


    I have a need to wash a teddy bear, the kind that you are not supposed to wash. The fur is all matted, it is made out of some kind of synthetic fur material. Do you have any ideas?

  2. tulip

    Thanks for the info Claire! I have one of your kitty softies, or rather my daughter does. We have already loved it so much that I have taken a needle to it more than once! But I love that it looks so LOVED. Very Velveteen Rabbit.
    And I have several of Christina’s pictures in my daughter’s room! From that series too. So cool! 🙂

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