Teddy bear tea party

teddy bear tea party

During the school holidays AJ and I decided to hold a birthday party for her teddy bear. The intention was to make invitations for the other stuffed toys, make a cake and some fairy bread and set the table with her tea set. In the end, we never actually got around to having the party as AJ spent the entire day making strange and imaginative party decorations involving masses of drinking straws from the $2 store and a lot of sticky tape but even just the preparations took care of one of those empty days when we were all too coldy and coughy to go out and do anything else.

Over at Spatulatta they are having a teddy bear tea party – with lots of tea party recipes and ideas. (Eventually it will disappear from the “What’s New” page, after which time you should be able to find it here).

I also notice that they have added a new recipe box page listing all the vegetarian and vegan dishes they have made for easy finding.