Make a simple sock monkey

Sock Monkey

This is an activity for older kids or for little kids with a great deal of help from an adult with a bit of sewing machine experience. Perhaps you are looking for something homemade to give your child for a gift. Making a sock monkey is a really easy first step into the world of soft-toy making.

You will need:
A pair of medium length socks in any colour or pattern
Black or brown felt
Red or pink felt
A sewing machine
Print out of sock monkey instructions

While the pattern looks complicated it is actually a very quick way of making a simple stuffed toy.

Sock Monkey Instructions

Follow the instructions for deconstructing the pair of socks into the bits for the monkey and then sew together and stuff according to the directions.

Cut out round circles for eyes from the brown or black felt and a wide red mouth.

Little kids can help by stuffing the monkey and by gluing on the eyes and the mouth.

This will make a toy which is not suitable for children under three due to the potential choking hazard of the glued on features. If you want to give this toy to a really little child, sew the eyes on or embroider them instead.

Have a look at this sock monkey gallery on Flickr for oodles of inspiration.

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  1. Rebecca

    Cool, thanks just what i was after!!!
    A great one to make with my older kids to give to cousins for Christmas

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