Halloween cupcakes

AJ is having a Halloween birthday party this year and I have been online getting ideas for Halloween themed party foods – nothing too dark and spooky or gross as there are little kids attending so we are going for a Halloween-Lite kind of feel.

Cupcakes are an obvious addition to the party spread and I have found some great decorating ideas. The ones I am most taken with because they are incredibly cute and look comparatively simple are the ghost cupcakes over at Martha Stewart.

ghost cupcake

In fact, I love these little ghosties so much I might go the distance and try a ghost birthday cake.

ghost birthday cake

The black cat is also mighty cute.

Other cupcake delights for Halloween are Not Martha’s sugar ghosts and chocolate spiders, Familyfun.com has Vampire Faces which look like something you might do if you have a spare five hours or so and Nick Jnr. has some funny mummy cupcakes which seem far more straight forward but require a steady piping hand. Martha Stewart Kids also has a fun line-up, the big-eyed alien is my favourite.

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  1. Malika

    One of my favorite birthday parties whad decorate-your-own cakes. My mom made individual cakes (or cupcakes), and put out bowls of frosting, sprinkles, candies, etc. There was lots of gloppy, candy-heavy decorating, but it was incredibly fun!

    Maybe this would work better for slightly older kids?

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