Shrunken heads update

Apple heads later

If you are a regular visitor to Kiddley, you might remember that a couple of weeks ago I carved some heads out of apples and put them in the cupboard under the sink to let them shrink. And here they are – looking terrifying in a pot plant ready for Halloween.

6 Responses to “Shrunken heads update”

  1. Rebecca A

    They look very suitabley ghoulish!
    Being in damper climes than yourself (Ireland), I put our (apple) heads into the oven on 80C for 2 hours which has helped speed up the process and hopefully avoid mankyness developing!

    We painted on coffee to make rotten teeth and dark eyes. Thought of using red food colouring too, but that particular cupboard was bare!

  2. wendy

    in a “pot plant”? (lol) hmmmm…That’s how you come up with all your cool ideas! (kidding)

    You are forever magical!


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