Halloween egg carton spiders

egg carton spider

We had some little friends over on Tuesday to help make some simple decorations for AJ’s upcoming Halloween party. I came up with a few ideas for some decorations which smaller kids with limited scissor skills and limited attention spans might enjoy making.

Egg carton spiders (inspired by Kiddley reader House & Baby) were the biggest hit while the papier mache pumpkins (inspired by an old copy of Martha Stewart and Not Martha) were a tad fiddly for little fingers.

But back to the egg carton spiders.

You will need:
An egg carton
Kids’ scissors
Black paint and brushes
Black cardboard or black pipe-cleaners
Googly eyes or white round stickers

First you will need to cut up the egg carton into segments for your kids. The egg cartons we get here in Australia are pretty sturdy so need a bit of determination to cut apart.

Now the kids can turn them upside down and paint the outside black. There is much fun and mess to be had at this stage.

These need to be left to dry for a while. In the mean time cut up strips of black cardboard for legs (unless you are using pipe-cleaners). When the egg carton pieces are dry attach the legs with glue or sticky tape to the inside of the cups.

On the outside glue on the googly eyes or stick on the white stickers and draw in a pupil.


If you want to hang them, you will need a sturdy needle and some thread to push up through the centre of the spider.

2 Responses to “Halloween egg carton spiders”

  1. jacqueline

    This is just so cute. I sent it off to our head librarian who is planning a Monster Bash for the little ones. Thanks for the fun craft. Jacqueline

  2. h&b

    I simply ‘pop’ the carton with the nib of a ballpoint ( ot the point of thin scissors ).

    This is preferable for me with littlies about and works quite well.

    Your spider rocks all over mine !! I’m Jealous !! 🙂

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