Have a pizza party

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Hosting a pizza party is a great way to entertain a group of kids who are coming over for a meal, especially if you get them involved in adding their own toppings or even making their own pizza bases.

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Here’s a recipe for basic pizza dough. It’s very easy and takes about 2 hours, most of which is spent waiting for the dough to rise; this recipe will make enough dough for 3 pizza bases.

You will need:
One dessert spoon of dry instant yeast
2 cups lukewarm water
A dash of sugar
Plain flour
A dash of salt

Put the water into a largish bowl; stir in the sugar and then sprinkle the yeast on top. Let this sit for about 5 minutes while the yeast gets frothy. Then add the salt and add portions of flour gradually, stirring in half cups until the mixture is combined enough to turn out onto a flat surface. I like to use a mixture of wholemeal and plain flour to give the bases a nice texture. Once you’ve turned the dough out onto a floured surface, knead it for about 5 minutes, adding extra flour as required when the dough gets sticky. Then you can put the dough into a bowl, drizzling a little bit of olive oil on top, and cover it with a damp cloth. Let it sit for at least 45 minutes.

When the dough has risen, punch it down and then turn it out onto a floured surface again. Divide it up into the number of pizzas you’ll be making and knead each one briefly before rolling it out into a pizza shape. Add sauce and your favorite pizza toppings and cook each pizza in a 220°c oven for 15-20 minutes. They’re done when the cheese is bubbly and the base is starting to firm up.

If the kids are making their own pizza dough, it can be fun for them to make their create interesting shapes. You can see AJ’s “butterfly” above.

You don’t need to make the pizza dough yourself either if you’re short on time. You can buy pizza bases and use them instead, or you can even just put the toppings on pita bread and heat them up under the griller.

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  1. sarah

    Great Fun!
    sometimes we use pillsbury biscuits for dough -yum!

  2. Island jen

    I use nearly the same recipe for my pizza dough (I use quick rise yeast) and I just skip the whole ‘rising’ business and start my pizzas right away.
    I’ve had nothing but compliments on my pizza crusts!

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