A game of Consequences


There are two versions of this great game. The first is a drawing game which is suitable for kids 5+ although little kids may want to play as part of a team with an older child or adult. The second is a written game suitable for older kids. For both you will need 2 or more players.

Thank you to Kiddley reader Julie for reminding us! Her game with her daughter is reproduced above and her instructions are abridged for game 1 below.

You will need (for both games):
A piece of paper

Game 1
All players sit in a circle and start with a pen and a piece of paper which is folded it across into quarters. Flatten it out again and each player privately draws a head of some kind (human, animal or fantastical) in the first quarter, leaving a little bit of neck sticking down into the next quarter.

Players fold over this first quarter so the drawing is covered but the neck is left showing.

The pieces of paper are all passed on to the next player who then adds a torso and arms (or wings or whatever) in the second quarter and then draws the tops of the legs down into the next quarter. Fold the paper so the rest of the drawing is hidden.

Pass the pieces of paper on again and this time legs (but not feet) are drawn in. Fold and pass it on again and finish with the feet in the last quarter.

Fold the whole thing up one last time and pass it along and then each player can unfold one to discover the most amazing, zany creature.

Game 2
All players sit in a circle and start with a piece of paper and pen.

Each player writes part of the story on the piece of paper in front of them and then folds the paper so it’s hidden and hands it on with each turn.The structure of the story which each player needs to follow is as follows:

1) A description, such as “The frightful..” or “The challenging yet delightful…” or “The incredibly handsome…” etc.

2) A man’s name

3) Another description as above

4) A woman’s name

5) Where they met

6) What he gave her

7) What she said

8) What he said

9) What the consequence was

10) What the world said about it.

Much hilarity ensues! Here are ours (click for larger version):

consequences 01

and my favourite:

consequences 02

4 Responses to “A game of Consequences”

  1. Rosie

    Ha! My family’s been playing consequences for years. Our version went His name/ her name/ where they met/ he said/ she said/ where they went/ what they did / and the consequence was.

    Of course, that ‘what they did’ always leads to trouble and double entendres as we’ve gotten older and the consequence seems to be either ‘a really bad tummy ache’ or ‘twins’

    Recently we’ve added ‘Paper telephone’ (or, as it is sometimes called ‘Eat Poop You Cat’) which is also pretty hilarious in bigger groups. I reckon 8 years and older would do fine!

  2. Jo

    The Surrealists (Andre Breton, etc…) documented these two games in the 1920’s and called them “Exquisite Corpses”.

  3. croque-choux

    I love this game! We played a different version of it when I was a kid, which was more like the Surrealist game “Le Cadavre exquis” (created circa 1925: adults can play this “word collage” game online in French and in English here: http://www.cadavre-exquis.net/eng/Accueil/accueil.php?domaineng). My mother’s version was called “Who, What, & Where”. First you write the name of a person and that’s Who, you fold the paper once or twice to hide what you’ve written and pass it to the person on your right. Then you write What they did (action), then When it happened, then Where, then finally With Who or With What (ie: “with Homer Simpson” or “with a bag full of hammers”). We would switch papers one last time, read them, and vote for the funniest one. I guarrantee this can be really hilarious, and it’s a good way to practice children’s reading & writing at the same time!

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