Kiddley Links – Great Stuff for Your Kids

Kiddley Links Launch

What? A new blog? Why not! Kiddley Links!

Increasingly we are finding that posting product information here on Kiddley just didn’t fit with our aims for the site. But instead of ignoring all the wonderful things we stumble across available for kids online, we have started a new shopping blog so we can share them with you. Each day we will be posting quirky, fun, creative and imaginative goodies from around the web for your kids. You will also find the occasional competition, give-away and Kiddley Links exclusive offer.

Hope you enjoy it!

5 Responses to “Kiddley Links – Great Stuff for Your Kids”

  1. Liane

    Great idea! Your site has certainly made our lives richer…look forward to the links site.

  2. mandy

    you guys are a bundle of information, now i can come here and get some cute ideas to do with my kids and then hop on over to kiddley links and look at some cool things to get them!
    thanks for this!

  3. Abbey

    You guys are fantastic!! I don’t have any kids yet, but I’ve been saving all my favorite ideas for when I do!

    And now with your new site, Kiddley Links, I have even more gift ideas for my niece and all my friends’ kids! THANKS!!

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