Ice cube colour mixing

This is a short and sweet idea great for little kids who are learning the basics of colour theory. It was inspired by a suggestion made months ago by Kiddley reader Suz.
Pour some water into an ice-cube tray and then add a couple of drops of food colouring to each cube.

ice cubes 01

Freeze the ice cubes until they are solid. You will notice that once you have done this the colour will freeze around the centre of the cube.

When your kids need a little distracting (we did this one night at the dinner table when dinner was a little slow in coming) place two of the cubes in a glass of warm water. Place the glass on a piece of white paper in the centre of the table.

ice cubes 02

Your kids will have fun theorising what colour will be made as the cubes melt and mix.

3 Responses to “Ice cube colour mixing”

  1. Debbie

    What a fun idea! We’ve used ice cube trays for years as paint trays – lots of spaces to mix colors! — but never thought of this one. Thanks.

  2. Greta

    We do this all the time. You can do more than mix colors. Colored ice cubes also make great bath toys. My kids love watching them melt in the bath and they treat them like popsicles. You can also fill up plastic bowls instead of the trays, add color, and then stick plastic animals, etc. in it. Freeze, and then you have a lovely island to float in the bath with fun toys to play with.

  3. terri mac

    You can also put the cubes in a plastic zipper bag, and the kiddos can play with the cubes through the bag as they melt.

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