Making Christmas cards part 1

It’s time to start making Christmas cards so that they are ready to be mailed out in time for the holidays.

Things to remember when making Holiday cards with your kids:
1) If you have a lot of relatives and friends, mass production is an important factor. While it would be nice to give everyone a specially designed and created unique card, it isn’t always practical. Think about stencils, stamps and printing to help things move along quickly.

2) Keep your cards to a standard postage size otherwise you may find yourself shelling out a lot more than you expected at the post office.

3) If you are creating collaged cards made with things from nature, and you want to send them overseas, check international quarantine laws about posting plant matter.

Here are some great ideas for making Christmas cards with your kids from around the web:

Better Homes and Gardens shows us how to do make these ornament inspired collage cards:

Christmas card 01

While this following card looks a little generic, I can imagine that if you got your kids making it, with some colourful start stickers, using their own handwriting for the “Merry Christmas” you would have a very quick and appealing card. Potentially a good one for mass production:

Christmas card 02

Here is a simple way to create an embossed christmas tree for the front of your cards:

Christmas card 03

And also from is this idea for reproducing a collection of your kids’ artwork on to one card:

Christmas card 04

Some other resources:

One million combination ideas for making Christmas cards.

Pictures to print out and use as part of your cards

Martha Stewart’s list of Christmas cards and tags projects.

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  1. nina

    this inspired me to get on the ball, and start having some fun with my wees making our cards! thanks!

  2. jen

    I’ve been caught on the non-standard card sizes before. It makes for an expensive post office trip.

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