Create a mantel village

I have been admiring photos of little model christmas villages for a while now. There’s nothing more incongruous than creating a snowy, wintry scene on an Australian mantel piece in the middle of a heat wave, but that’s what we may be doing this year.

Blair Mantel Scene

Blair’s scene from last year (above) has stuck in my mind, and perhaps one day I will find some time to create something half as beautiful, delicate and detailed as this tiny village. This year, however, we are taking some inspiration from Noriko Takahashi’s lovely simple houses (via. Molly Chicken).

Noriko Takahashi

Using the dimensions for the larger sized model, I am going to cut out four houses from thick card, glue them together and then let AJ decorate them to her hear’s content. We’ll be using stuff including paint, glitter, star stickers, bits cut from old Christmas cards, fake flowers and so on. After they are finished I am going to place them on the mantel piece with a string of Christmas lights run through them to illuminate them, and hopefully it will all look smashing. They might end up looking a little bit like a row of beach boxes but perhaps that is a suitably Southern Hemisphere kind of Christmas scene. I will have to keep you posted as I started cutting out the houses late yesterday afternoon from foam core and maybe my knife isn’t so good, but I found it to be incredibly difficult. I am off today to get some card instead.

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  1. faith

    I love this idea Clare, decorating these is something my 3 year old can manage and will love and I also like the idea of the end result ending up (by accident) having less of a wintery theme about it. Brighton beach boxes here we come!

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