Create a mantel village – update

Cardboard house

This is a quick update to let you know how our mantel village is coming along. Here is our first cardboard house – a work in progress – as it still needs stuff stuck all over it (glitter, stars, origami paper scraps etc) to bring it to it’s full potential. I just want to warn you that ruling up and cutting out the houses from cardboard takes a bit of time, so this might be best done in advance, not while you have a small child champing at your side saying “How much longer? COME ON MUM!”.

Also, Tobey kindly pointed out yesterday in the comments that you can find a full set of instructions for a cardboard village on HGTV’s site.

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  1. Malika

    We used to make houses out of mild cartons. You could use the half-pint and pint size for one and two story houses, and use quarts and half gallons for apartment buildings.

    I think we used to apint them with poster paint? Can’t remember– and not sure what kind of paint would stick on the waxy coating.

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