The Best of Children’s Art & Crafts – Book review

Guest Post

The Best of Children's Art & Crafts

From the Australian Women’s Weekly. Published by ACP Magazines Ltd.

Kath here from whipup doing some Kiddley stuff.

I was really excited to see that this classic has been reprinted. The Best of Children’s Art & Crafts is a fabulous collection of craft activities for kids aged 2-8 – parents too. Step by step instructions designed to stimulate imagination and confidence assist with coordination, concentration and problem solving and to encourage experimentation. Good instructions with easy recipes and hints on cleaning up, excellent photos of real kids making these projects.

The projects themselves really range from fun, messy and sensory to the more complex creative projects. But the really good thing is that even the more difficult projects have different levels suitable for younger ones and the easy projects can be taken to higher levels if needed.

Finger painting

For example this finger painting recipe and instructions which is also available online on the women’s weekly website.

Some other projects that will be keeping our family busy during the upcoming holiday season include:
– fingerprint drawings (turning finger prints into animals, people and other characters)

– blot painting (fold a piece of paper in half, open in up and blob on some paint, then fold the paper back together and press it around, then open it to discover the painting)

– marbling (trays of water with coloured ink gently swirled around on the surface, lay a piece of paper on top and then lift it up again and see the marbled design)

– play dough printing (make shapes from playdough, press them into paint and then use them to make a design)

– printing from other objects such as leaves, fish and old kitchen utensils

– paper dyeing (using absorbant paper folded a few times, dip the corners into food colouring mixed with water and open it to see the design it makes)

– box sculptures (using tissue boxes, toilet paper rolls etc paint and glue and tape them together to make all sort of things)

– peg people and rock creatures (paint and decorated pegs and river stones to make fun creatures and characters)

– nature weaving (make a frame from sticks and string and then thread leaves and flowers in and out of the strings).

I think we should definitely make some slime and some goop for some messy outdoor play, and when it rains we will try our hand at leaf rubbings and some sock hand puppets. There are tons more ideas in here, most of which involve recycled materials or household objects and DIY materials such as making your own non toxic paints and glue. An excellent book with projects for years to come.

You can find Kathreen over at her glorious group blog whipup. Thanks Kath!