Wax resist painting

Wax resist 02

This is the world’s easiest craft activity. I showed AJ how to do this the other day and what took me two minutes to demonstrate, occupied her for an enormous amount of time.

You will need:
White crayon
Water colour paints
Jar of water

It’s as simple as this – draw a picture or write a message in white crayon on to white paper and then paint over the design to reveal it. For little kids, it’s really just like magic.
AJ particularly liked it when it became part of a game – secret messages were revealed (this one above is a love letter) or guesses were made. Below you can see the result of “Why is the little girl cross?” paint, paint, paint reveal: “Because she forgot to put the raisin eyes on the gingerbread men!”. My attempt is in the top right corner of the picture; “Why is the little fish so happy?”, paint and reveal; “Because his Mummy just arrived to pick him up from fishy kinder”.

Wax resist 01

There’s a lovely post over on whipup about creating more detailed wax resist paintings using coloured crayons to great effect.

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  1. Candlestring

    My kids love to use this resist technique when dying Easter eggs.

    It reminds me of another neat technique where you paint over a completely covered crayoned page with black poster paint (or you can color over it all with black crayon) and then scratch off a design to reveal the color underneath.

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