Fall leaf art

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Blair From Wise.. Craft kindly sent us this craft idea.

Blair leaves 04

The leaves in our neighborhood are especially beautiful this year, and my kids seem to bring a new “collection” home with them daily. With a collection of all different shapes, colors, sizes, and textures of leaves, we made leaf pictures the other afternoon. The materials are simple, leaves, a glue stick, paper, and markers or crayons. I loved the way this got the kids and me talking about the shapes of individual leaves. In less than an hour we had completed three masterpieces;

A peacock at sunrise

Blair leaves 02

A mouse at sunset

Blair leaves 03

and a mice family at sunrise

Blair leaves 01

If you want to take this a step further, I found a great book “Things I Can Make With Leaves” by Sabine Lohf which has lots of cute pictures and ideas for leaf crafts.

Martha Stewart also has some fun ideas on her website:
Leaf motifs for the table and Leaf collage.

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