Advent stockings

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Amanda From SouleMama kindly sent us this craft idea.

Amanda Advent stockings

Hello, I’m Amanda, from SouleMama, here to share one of our favorite family holiday traditions – the advent stockings. I made these smaller-size stockings out of corduroy, and embellished individually, attached a ribbon for them to hang by, and then strung on a thick rope to be hung above a window. If sewing isn’t your thing, try making the stockings with paper and glue! However you make your stocking, it can be a great way to celebrate the holidays and spread out the joy for your little ones over the whole month. To avoid the repetition of putting candy in each one (though certainly a few of those are a nice treat), following are some ideas to get you thinking about what other little treats you can fill a month of stockings with:

Poetry, written by you or others
A love letter to your little ones
Craft items – glue, glue sticks, markers, pencils, crayons, chalk
Finger puppets
A ‘treasure map” to an item too large for the stocking
Beads for stringing
Seeds for planting
Disposable camera
Instructions for a magic trick
Instructions for a secret handshake
Wee journals for drawing or writing in
Holiday cookie cutter (with the promise to make cookies that day!)
A beautiful rock
A collection of pine cones or acorns
Small ornament for the tree
Materials to make their own small ornament
A knock knock joke
Origami animals
“coupons’ for a special movie date, or staying up late, or a mid-day tea party

3 Responses to “Advent stockings”

  1. Kimberly

    We put riddles in our advent stockings. The kids love it.

  2. This Simple Life » Blog Archive » Cold and Chickens

    […] Later… We are all warm now and the snow is coming down so much we have opted to NOT go outside anymore today.  Instead we stayed in and made advent stockings.  We made ours out of paper and wrote activity ideas (have a cup of hot cocoa, sing Jingle Bells in a round, etc.) on the back instead of putting something inside.  What a fun family project! […]

  3. amy

    to try and avoid any more small novelty toys lying around the house – this year we bought a lego set and divided it into 24 installments for the advent calendar. the first day was the instructions and a figure and then every day there is a little bag of pieces that follow the order of the instructions eventually building up to, in our case, a rescue helicopter. day 7 today and so far so good.

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