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Kathreen From Whipup kindly sent us this holiday idea.

Kathreen Camping

Hi Kiddley readers, Kath here again from Whipup, doing a bit of a fill in spot this time about Traveling With Kids!

Lately, now that summer is upon us in Australia, me and the family have been a doing the occasional weekend getaway. We love going camping, that is, before we had kids we used to love to go camping, but for the last few years we haven’t felt adventurous enough to challenge ourselves quite that far. The trials of parenthood and working seem to have sapped all of our energy so that organising a camping trip just seemed too big. But now the kids are a bit older (4 & 6) and are more or less self sufficient in the basics, we have packed up the car and headed to the beach, not your usual all-the-modcons caravan park either, but a more basic no-toilet no-shower sort of place. And the kids love it, are in their element in fact. Running around naked and dirty, cooking by the camp fire, meeting other kids, staying up late – whats not to love?

But camping with kids is not all fun and games (not for the parents anyway), here some suggestions to a successful camping trip with kids.

1. Take activity books/colouring in books/drawing books etc, board games or card games (especially essential if it rains) (see our previous post on activity bags for more ideas – Ed.)

2. mp3 player for the trip down

3. Comfortable sleeping mats and sleeping bags are really essential (for the adults anyway)

4. Food – easy to prepare food for the hungry family, I find a pre-prepared frozen bolognaise sauce to be essential, as are sausages and bacon, baked beans and tinned tuna

5. Treats – of course, what camping trip is complete without chocolate and marshmallows – toasting marshmallows on the open fire is fun! (if a little dangerous, don’t forget to supervise those mini pyromaniacs)

6. Wine, whiskey or whatever – once those kiddies are asleep, sitting with a glass of something by the campfire under the stars is really magical

7. Safety – make sure you explain all the hazards in the vicinity – for us the main things are snakes, spiders and jellyfish – what are your hazards?

8. Have some jobs for the kids to do – setting up camp with eager excited children is not as easy as you might think – so instead of getting impatient and annoyed, give the kids a job to do – something that is totally non-essential and indestructible like setting up the camping chairs or handing you the tent pegs

9. Action and fun – make sure there is kid friendly stuff to do, we like to go camping at the beach where we can go surfing, rock exploring, fishing, hiking into the bush, canoing or searching for shells

10. Be prepared to enjoy your kids and listen to your senses. Throw away city impatience, schedules and stresses and try try to relax

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