Make Your Own Snowglobe


This idea has been featured by both ReadyMade and Martha Stewart and it’s something we’ve been meaning to try for years.

You will need:
A jar with a secure lid
Decorations for the inside of the snowglobe
Glycerin (optional)

Jar selection is important; choose one that’s got a large enough base and is tall enough for the diorama you want to create, and make sure that the glass is clear enough to see though.

Assemble your diorama on the inside of the jar lid, and when you’re happy with how it’s going to look, use superglue to stick all your pieces down to the lid. Let this dry according to the instructions for the glue you’re using.

Fill the jar almost to the top with water and add some glitter. If you’ve got some glycerin handy, add some, as it will make the glitter fall more slowly. Then carefully turn your lid upside down and immerse the diorama in the water. Make sure you fasten the lid securely, and turn the whole thing upside down.

Shake repeatedly!

We decided to use a thin piece of lego as the base that we glued onto the inside of the jar lid; this means that when we get bored of watching a polar bear in a snow storm, we can easily take him off the base and add some other pieces of lego to make a completely new scene for our snowglobe.

8 Responses to “Make Your Own Snowglobe”

  1. Veronique

    pfft! the html was fine, but my typos! sheesh! I should know better than to surf & post while cooking dinner 🙂

  2. Lee

    Brilliant! Love the idea. Should also mention that the jar selection should be waterproof!

  3. Aja

    I’ve also heard you can use half corn syrup, half water to make the glitter fall slowly. I haven’t tried it myself, but it sounds like it might work.

  4. Eren

    We used a plastic container (we have tile floors) and it works just as good. Love these!

  5. cat

    i think using baby food jars works really nicely, because they’re a little taller. i’d also recommend using an adhesive around the lid and jar to keep water from leaking-like resin {superglue isn’t waterproof}. i have also seen jars with silk flowers and cellophane in them, looks really cool!

  6. amy

    we made these with small jars and they worked well – the kids (5 and 3) enjoyed it. we used cheap modelling clay from k-mart to stick the figurine to the lid of the jar. it worked well, was waterproof and best of all – quick! the biggest problem was we had glitter that tended to float and stuck together in the smallest of air bubbles. the kids didn’t care though. the kids also used the leftover modelling clay to decorate the top of the dome on the outside which was a fun twist.
    thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Kylie

    my variation for my son’s snow themed party: I used plastic peanutbutter jars and glued a thick circl of styrogfoam inside the lid. I had pre-made snowmen from styrofoam balls, with felt hats that I’d sewn already glued on. The snowmen were each on a toothpick so the kids could simply push it into the foam on the lid. Then they added brads for eyes & buttons, tiny twigs for arms and felt scarves, then drew the mouth with a waterproof pen.

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